All garlic varieties have a hard exterior shell that is easy to peel

We offer 15 varieties of garlic and many fresh seasonal produce options


Garlic Variety Description 
Bavarian Our signature variety, bold but not over powering, a slight sweetness
Brown Tempest Very bold, good for strong garlic lovers 
Chesnok Red Fully body, distinctive flavor and one of our customer favorites
Czirpithian Not for the faint of heart, very bold, great for strong garlic lovers 
Elephant Not a true garlic, very mild, extra large cloves 3-4 per bulb
Georgian Crystal Milder garlic with 4-5 large cloves per bulb
German Middle of the bold spectrum, a favorite of many of our customers
Lahontan White

Creamy white, medium strength, soft neck, out of Nevada

Leningrad Very bold, nip of garlic, great for strong garlic lovers
Killarney Red Similar to Chesnok Red, on the bolder side-bigger cloves (avail-2017)
Martin's Heirloom Classic garlic flavor, middle of the bold spectrum
Music Full body, but not over powering, middle of the bold spectrum 
Purple Glazer Lower on the bold spectrum, good to eat raw
Simonetti Milder classic garlic flavor, but you will still know you have had some
Slovenian Bolder side of the spectrum, builds heat when eaten raw 
Red Toch Softer side of garlic flavor, nice for raw dishes 


Seasonal Produce Available for the 2016 Season


Tomatoes Shallots Cucumbers Squash
Early Girl French Red Lemon Green
Mortgage Lifter   Picklers Yellow
Moskovich   Salt & Pepper Buttnernut
Yellow Pear     Delicatta
      Yellow scallopini


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